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Water is a resource that is limited but used in an unlimited way. Any place where you use water all the time, you can find many ways to reduce its use. On residential properties, three areas where you can save this natural resource are the bathroom, kitchen, and landscape. Here are some pointers to help you use less water in some areas of your home. Here are some useful suggestions from the experts at  SPS Plumbers Sutherland Shire.


  • Washing dishes manually use up more water than using a dishwasher. Ensure that your dishwasher has a full load before you start the washing cycle. You will not only save water but will save your efforts involved in manual cleaning.
  • Newer the technologies, the better features they have. If your dishwasher is old, you benefit by upgrading to a water-smart one.  Buy a water-efficient dishwasher that has a higher energy-efficiency level because it will reduce your energy bills and save your money.
  • Get low-flow function faucets installed in your kitchen so they will discharge less water while in use and avoid waste.
  • Use your garbage disposal as minimally as you can. While garbage disposal is highly efficient in disposing of smelly food residues, it also uses a lot of water in its working. If you can discard the rubbish in the trash or use it for compost, you can minimise the use of the garbage disposal.


  • Your bathroom is where the maximum wastage of water occurs. This is also the area where you can try to save significant amounts of water. Instead of keeping the water flowing, allow it to run only when in use. For instance, simple and routine acts like putting a stopper on the sink drain while shaving and turning off the faucet when brushing can conserve a lot of water.
  • You may like to bathe under a high-pressure shower. However, an old model showerhead with a low-flow shower is not the ideal solution. But do you need to compromise on your showering experience? The latest and advanced models of low-flow showers satisfy your needs perfectly while using only a small percentage of water than standard ones. You can replace your showerhead yourself with the latest model using some basic tools,
  • You can use the same type of low-flow faucets in the kitchen sink or other places as well.
  • A shower-bath needs far less water than filling up a tub with water. The amount of water saved is significant.
  • Get all taps and plumbing installations checked regularly for leaks. This will take care of any potential plumbing problems and is an excellent way to save water.


Running a washing machine with half loads is a colossal waste of water. Always collect your laundry and ensure that you have a full load for the washing machine, helping to save water and energy. The same holds for the dishwasher. For any more information, please call SPS Plumbers Sutherland Shire at (02) 9158 3513 or drop us a line via this Online Form, and we will revert shortly.

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Same Day Service with 24 Hour Emergency Service

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