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Water is a resource that is limited but used in an unlimited way. Any place where you use water all the time, you can find many ways to reduce its use. On residential properties, three areas where you can save this natural resource are the bathroom, kitchen, and landscape. Here are some pointers to help you use less water in some areas of your home. Here are some useful suggestions from the experts at  SPS Plumbers Sutherland Shire.


  • Washing dishes manually use up more water than using a dishwasher. Ensure that your dishwasher has a full load before you start the washing cycle. You will not only save water but will save your efforts involved in manual cleaning.
  • Newer the technologies, the better features they have. If your dishwasher is old, you benefit by upgrading to a water-smart one.  Buy a water-efficient dishwasher that has a higher energy-efficiency level because it will reduce your energy bills and save your money.
  • Get low-flow function faucets installed in your kitchen so they will discharge less water while in use and avoid waste.
  • Use your garbage disposal as minimally as you can. While garbage disposal is highly efficient in disposing of smelly food residues, it also uses a lot of water in its working. If you can discard the rubbish in the trash or use it for compost, you can minimise the use of the garbage disposal.


  • Your bathroom is where the maximum wastage of water occurs. This is also the area where you can try to save significant amounts of water. Instead of keeping the water flowing, allow it to run only when in use. For instance, simple and routine acts like putting a stopper on the sink drain while shaving and turning off the faucet when brushing can conserve a lot of water.
  • You may like to bathe under a high-pressure shower. However, an old model showerhead with a low-flow shower is not the ideal solution. But do you need to compromise on your showering experience? The latest and advanced models of low-flow showers satisfy your needs perfectly while using only a small percentage of water than standard ones. You can replace your showerhead yourself with the latest model using some basic tools,
  • You can use the same type of low-flow faucets in the kitchen sink or other places as well.
  • A shower-bath needs far less water than filling up a tub with water. The amount of water saved is significant.
  • Get all taps and plumbing installations checked regularly for leaks. This will take care of any potential plumbing problems and is an excellent way to save water.


Running a washing machine with half loads is a colossal waste of water. Always collect your laundry and ensure that you have a full load for the washing machine, helping to save water and energy. The same holds for the dishwasher. For any more information, please call SPS Plumbers Sutherland Shire at (02) 9158 3513 or drop us a line via this Online Form, and we will revert shortly.

pipe relining

Till very recently, it was extremely time-consuming, invasive, and expensive to repair any underground or sewer line problems.  Depending on how severe the issue was, it could be challenging to fix the deterioration in underground pipes.

However, with the introduction of the pipe relining method, it has become far easier for professional plumbing companies to handle all types of underground pipe repairs. Well-established and reputed companies like SPS Plumbers Sutherland Shire now use this highly innovative and advanced technology to repair cracked pipes.

About Pipe Relining For Sewer Repairs

This is a very straightforward method in which:

  • The plumber first digs two small trenches on either side of the pipeline.
  • They will use CCTV drain cameras to inspect the inside of the pipe and determine exactly where the damage is and the extent of it.
  • If any root blockages or clogs are found in the pipe, those will be removed using the latest hydro jet technology and root cutting machines.
  • Another inspection of the internal areas of the pipe will be carried out using the CCTV drain camera.
  • If the experts determine that pipe relining is the best solution for the existing problem, they will provide you with all the information about how it works and what its benefits are.
  • Once you approve the solution and the quote, they will start with the pipe relining work.
  • In pipe relining, a very resilient epoxy sleeve is inserted into the underground pipe.
  • The sleeve is then inflated until it fits the internals pace snugly.
  • The lining will be allowed to set and harden for about 2-3 hours.
  • Another CCTV drain camera check will follow.
  • Once the plumbing professionals have determined that the sleeve is set in place correctly and all the damage and deterioration has been fixed, they will consider their job complete.
  • The trenches will be refilled with the removed earth, and the area will be cleared off all the debris

The benefits of pipe relining

  • It is a time-saving technique as very small trenches are a dug in the landscaping.
  • Relining is minimally invasive, and you do not have to worry about any extensive damage to the hardscaped areas on your property.  It also means that there is minimal destruction when the work is being carried out.
  • The cost of the relining process might have a seemingly higher upfront cost. However, when you compare the overall amount you save on fixing damaged landscaping, the process is extremely cost-effective.
  • Pipe relining is a reliable way of fixing damaged or deteriorating underground pipes.  It has been used for numerous years across Europe and the United States and is a proven technology. 
  • It can last for many decades without any trouble, which also means you get an excellent return on investment.
  • Pipe relining can be used to fix different types of pipes, including those made of concrete, copper, iron, PVC, and more.

For any more information, please call SPS Plumbers Sutherland Shire at (02) 9158 3513 or drop us a line via this Online Form, and we will revert shortly.

The Benefits of Using CCTV Drain Cameras In Plumbing Works

cctv drain cctv drain camera cctv drain inspection / aiims

cctv drain

Tending to blocked drains can be a very tedious job. Your property has to be first dug up before the pipes can be fixed. It is a challenging task, which results in a lot of expenditure. The work also takes a long time and requires a lot of labour.

With the help of CCTV drain camera inspections, you can deal with your plumbing emergency by figuring out the root cause of the issue, at a cost-efficient rate. The tiny camera can access the pipe internally and help the plumbers zero-in on the kind of tools and fixes required for the drain.

This CCTV method simplifies the task, and no major digging is required. The pipes can be repaired or replaced with minimal effort. It also eliminates unnecessary property damage, which occurs when standard methods are used, before even knowing what the real cause is. It also spares you a lot of expense.

Why use CCTV cameras?

We at SPS Plumbers Sutherland Shire use the most up-to-date plumbing equipment. We also use different and effective professional techniques for our work. All of our plumbers have been specially trained in using these CCTV cameras. There are various pros of using such equipment in situations like these:

  • Accurate Inspections – These devices afford extreme accuracy due to the live feed function present. Our plumbers can quickly examine the drains via the monitors themselves. It helps in locating the cause of the problem and the specific site at which the problem has occurred. They can quickly inspect for minor leaks in these drains too. It is always advised to fix such leaks and damages immediately, so they don’t end up causing further damages.
  • Better View– CCTV cameras are capable of giving you a complete 360° view by fitting into very tiny spaces. It helps the plumbers access small areas and bends in the pipe. The video feed also provides the plumbers a visual of any previous damage or deterioration that has taken place in the pipes. e.g., cracks, problems with the joints, blockage, etc. if there are any blockages inside the pipe, the depth of that can also easily determined.
  • Records of Findings– Since these cameras have a built-in recording function, it becomes pretty easy for our experts to analyze the problem and offer a suitable solution for it.
  • Excellent solution– Such CCTV inspections help minimize property damage. They also help plumbers determine the exact cause of the problem, instead of making assumptions about it. It is one of the most reliable and safe methods to fix drain pipes. A professional plumber in Sydney can quickly locate the issue and provide a solution to the problem.

Hire Skilled and Experienced Plumbers for CCTV Inspections and Drain Repairs

There are several benefits to opting for CCTV drain camera inspections. We also use trenchless drain repair methods of fixing damaged or deteriorated drains, and this significantly reduces the cost of the project for our clients.

For any more information, please call SPS Plumbers Sutherland Shire at (02) 9158 3513 or drop us a line via this Online Form, and we will revert shortly.

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Same Day Service with 24 Hour Emergency Service

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Charge by the Job not by the Hour Fast & Reliable

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